Monday, April 13, 2009


Nalla arrived alongside her big brother Biggie immediately after her surgery. Upon her arrival, she was very timid and wary of her surroundings, but this soon changed. Nalla is a curious but shy kitty. She is always interested in everything that is going on around her, but she is not always willing to participate in the activities. Although she loves to be petted she is does not feel comfortable coming to you for affection; she would rather be approached slowly. Once she is comfortable, however, she absolutely loves the affection! Like her brother, she loves to flop onto her back and enjoy a nice massage. Her very soft purr is quite soothing. Nalla’s favorite pastime is playing with toys. She loves a feather and string toy where she can run and jump to catch the feather, and really enjoys teaming up with her brother to play. In play, she is quite bold and will take the lead, but in a relaxed social setting she would rather sit by herself and take in the action. Nalla’s favorite place to be is curled up on a cozy bed for a day long nap. She will make a wonderful addition to a gentle and caring family. I would guess she would prefer to be around adults and older children who wouldn’t startle her as easily.
Nalla need to find a forever home ASAP, she is in Foster Care, please contact the shelter if you are interested in Nalla or her brother Biggie.

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